I eat, sleep, and breath work

I can’t commute to work if I live here, right?

On April 1, 2016, I quit my job.  I scared the crap out of my husband (don’t worry we did discuss it, but I wasn’t going to be swayed).  I was running on a hamster wheel, and felt as if I wouldn’t survive.  I had a great job (that I liked), a beautiful family, and my mental health was gone.  I was constantly stressed, hurrying to get things done, and lived with so my guilt of not “raising” my baby.  The odd thing… my mom was a working-mom, and I swore I would be the same.  I have so much respect for career women, and I know they are raising their children.  I couldn’t pinpoint why I felt the need to leave my career after working soooooo hard to get where I was… I blame the pregnancy hormones for this change.  Those hormones are no joke.

Fortunately, my husband didn’t resist too much (it wasn’t a hard no); however I honestly didn’t give him much of a choice.  The first couple years of staying home were hard.  There are so many things I didn’t realize would become my responsibility.  I am the controller of all things under this roof… baby, bills, budget, meals, chores, errands, schedule, life, health care, entertainment, laundromat, organizer… I’m sure there are more hats that I wear, but due to mommy-brain I can’t remember.

This blog was started because I went through a difficult time dealing with all those emotions.  I have since repurposed it, as no one wants to hear you complain.  This will be filled with easy recipes, time-lapse cleaning and organization, child-friendly entertainment, and my banter.  I’m a beginner, so be gentle.  My spelling and grammar are not perfect, so don’t be a “Karen” (sorry nice Karens, but I didn’t make it up).  Like all things in life, this blog is not perfect, but it is me.


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