Why I don’t commute to work…

The age-old argument…

How do you define being a stay-at-home mom?

Husband – “my wife doesn’t work”
Stay-at-home mom – “I work from home”
Friends/Family – “how’s retirement?”

Honestly, it’s bullshit… I mean, c’mon think about it…  I wake up at my job, and go to sleep at my job.  I’m on-call all night long (which last night i was summoned at 3:15am & 4:30am… then I was kept awake by snoring until 5:30… which, i guess was fortunate because that’s when the tiny human woke up again)

My husband wanted to come up with a specific name for what I do, because it can’t be called “work”… so, I told him that he can call it “I don’t commute to work” if that makes him feel better.  That is how this whole craziness began.  I typically am very vocal about my opinions, so why not write a blog for some humor in our lives.

If you are a working or single mother, God should come out of the sky and kiss you on the top of you beautiful head!  You ladies are doing two full-time jobs!  One you do for free (like me), and the other pays some bills.  Either way, being a good mother is a full-time (24/7) job!


This blog is for parents that are NOT sensitive.  If you have a sensitivity to curse words, my shit talking about everyone, or you typically have a stick in you bum… please do us all a favor and click to a different page.

I will not address any type of hate messages, you will not change my point-of-view (unless you have direct access to my therapist and pull some inception shit on her), and if you correct my grammar… you’re just an asshole.