Cleaning out the fridge

It’s happens to all of us… a collection of out-of-date items in the fridge.  It sucks.  It sucks worse to clean it out… and even worse when you find out the “glue” holding the shelf to the glass isn’t actually glue, but something that spilt at some point in your life.  Yuck… 🤢 I think I’m sick thinking about it.  It may bring me actual nightmares.

Pro-tip – pull out side shelves to make cleaning and organizing easier.  Pull out all items on front shelves to see what you’re actually cleaning, and remove all removable parts drawers and glass tops (you might fight gross sludge under something) 😭🤢😳

Enjoy the before, video, after, and after grocery shopping.  Ahhhh finally a clean fridge.

***shocking news – cleaning with a child does not speed up the process, but does provide entertainment to tiny humans who love to “help”.  Lord, grant me patience.***



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