Mom Growth

Dont worry, this isn’t one of those “self-help” things.

Im talking about the shit no one tells you about… how 1/2 of your hair falls out like 6 months after having a baby.  I’m not fucking around.  1/2 of your hair will be gone.  It’s unbelievable.  You start thinking that you may go bald.

I mean its not bad enough that you have to stay sober, and eat healthy for 10 months, then your body is left in post-pregnancy awkwardness… THEN you lose your hair?  I mean, what the fuck?  And then I’m supposed to do this over and over again.

I now understand the “mom cut”.  Thats because your hair is gone and you have to cut it all off so you don’t cry daily about it.

I hated washing my hair, because I felt like I had murdered a doll with all the hair between my fingers.  After months of what people call “shedding”, it stopped.

One magical sunny, winter day, it stopped.

So now, here we are (almost a year later), and it’s growing out.  I look freaking insane.  I have an Angelic ring out hair that surrounds my face like a glowing halo.

It’s unbelievable.  Enjoy the picture of my “mom-growth”.  Another badge of weird honor.


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