Is there such thing as a 6 letter word?

If there is, it’s definitely budget.

I’ve been gone for over a month, because we are now on a crazy budget.  I say crazy because most people think getting completely out of debt in your 30’s in not doable.

Just a little background….

Husband graduated school with almost twice as much debt as our house.  You’re either thinking…

“wow, that’s a lot of student loans”
“how cheap was that house?”

You’re right on both parts.  He had doctor loans… and I stole our house after the market crashed.   So, we threw crazy money at his loans the first couple years of our marriage… just to kill the predator of debt.

It was exhausting and stressful.  So, we added to the stress and had a baby.  Nothing makes things calmer… a baby will make things easier… haha no.  I’m just getting older and I figured “fuck it” the loans will always exist.

THEN I quit my job.  I told the retail to shove it by politely putting in my two weeks in, and I was on my way.

Nothing takes away stress like the loss of an income…. right?  I’m caring for the baby… that’s the stress… no?  Ok, obviously money is the source of most people’s stress.  Which brings me to the crazy budget.

Husband, being a true Virgo, has to get all his ducks in a row BEFORE making a decision.  I’m obviously not that way.  So for almost 2 months he researched Dave Ramsey, “get out of debt” guru to many.  He asked me about this dude, and after hearing a few things I liked… I JUMPED into it.

So, I haven’t posted shit in over a month because I have been twerkin’ for that money honey.  Ok, obviously no… I mean c’mon.  But setting up, managing, and coming up with extra cash is another full-time job.

I am the CHO (Chief Household Operator), baby butt wiper, budget master extraordinaire, and seller of old things.

Its been crazy.  I sold almost 4K in the month of December to go toward debt.  Debt is truly a four letter word.  It’s ugly and stressful and more terrible the anything my potty mouth can utter.  This crazy expeience is not only alieviating stress, but making my marriage stronger.  It’s something we are doing to further the life of our family.

So, have no fear… my insanity will return this month as I have learned to balance more tasks in my life.

If you’re interested in killing your debt with the atomic bomb… I would recommend this guy.  We are on track to be completely out of debt… car, student loans, house in about 2 more years.  Talk about freedom.  This isn’t one of those get rich pyramid schemes… this is actual work for just yourself.  You can listen to his pod casts for free, and if you want his book its like $10.

Good luck my friends… my the force be with you.  I hope you enjoy the new posts!


**update – we actually paid off all our debt (except the house) in 1yr not 2yrs**

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