Why being a stay-at-home mom blows

I know what all of you “non” stay-at-home moms are thinking.

This lucky bitch is home with her kid, and she has the nerve to complain about it.

Let me be real, it is rediculously hard to work full-time with children and I will never take that away from anyone… BUT now that I am full-time in the house…


Here is my top 10 reasons why being a stay-at-home mom blows

  1. No one thinks you work
  2. You never get any praise for doing anything… anything
  3. You sometimes go almost a whole day without food or water
  4. When was the last time you did anything for yourself?
  5. Husband begins to expect more things, because you must have time
  6. You never ever ever get time away from “work”
  7. You have wiped up more shit then you ever hoped to do in a lifetime
  8. People frown on drinking during the day
  9. You have to hear “well, I worked all day” from husband
  10. Nap time is never long enough


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