Party like a parent

You guessed it.  Obviously, this is obviously a post about sleep.





Don’t get too excited.  Sleep is not the party.

Ok, I admit…  I can be a bit much.  In the past couple of weeks I have partied like a rockstar… Like a rockstar that came close to demise (both times).  I have done some things that I’m not proud enough to disclose just yet… Stay tuned for future rants.

Anyways, it happened Friday.  I went out with my sisters… Yes, plural.  You think I’m nuts?  You should meet them.  Together we are like a mixed fruit cup.  The juice in this case is alcohol.

So, we know I was obviously hungover Saturday.  I had to fulfill morning obligations, and then I came home to care for my nugget while daddy got to go out to a football game.

I know you’re thinking “get to the fuckin’ point”

Where is the sleep I so desperately need?

I will get there… Eventually

I was dead by 10pm Saturday night.  In bed with Law & Order playing (just so I would have a soft glow across my worn out face), and let’s face it.. I love that show!

Husband came home, and tried with all his might to wake me from my slumber… He couldn’t believe I was so tired.  Normally, I’m tired.  This night…

Hangover + obligations + baby = coma sleep


I’m getting to the point, I promise.

Saturday night, he got “turnt” as the kids call it, and  I fed him the remedy to cure hangovers.  This morning he washed cars, and played with the baby….

Tonight… 8:15pmsnoring from the big couch.

I tell husband to get up and go to bed, and ask if he now understands why I was so tired the night after I partied like a parent?

he says “I guess, but I washed the cars and played on the playground with the baby”


I just can’t.

Admit that we are the same.  Old people that can’t hang… Old people that need days for alcohol recovery.  WHY?

Because we are parents.  We so rarely get the occasion to cut loose, and pretend there isn’t a needy human at home.  “Partying like a parent” is the new “partying like it’s 1999”

RIP Prince

Tonight, I’m know I’m fucked.  I can hear him snoring from the bedroom… down the hall… Over the baby’s sound machine.

Like I said before..

Sleep I never liked you anyway (tear)



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