Why the book?

So, we went to HomeGoods (after a boycott of 1 1/2 years.. long story about me being electrocuted)


I was in need of rugs.  My mom swore to me that HomeGoods had a million, because she was there yesterday.  There is a certain rug that I prefer, and it is only found at HomeGoods/TJ maxx/Marshalls.  I’m sure you understand my issue because they don’t always have the set you need in color/sizes.

While heading to the rug section, we pass through the children’s section.  Months ago… when she was younger, we could walk through and she didn’t blink at the bright, shiny toys.  NOT ANYMORE!

The children’s section is like a kid magnet.

I indulge her a bit, and because of her book obsession..  that is the item we will bring home.  You would think husband and I would be happy that she loves books.  The problem is that neither of us like to read…. Tragic.

I allow her to choose the book/I choose it for her.

We are cutting it close to nap, and as any mother knows that is the holy grail of the day.

So we get rugs and books, and I load her into the car.

Conscious of nap time, I decide to give her a book.  I’ve done this before, and it has always worked out.  She started cheering “book book book book book”, and I became instantly confident in my cleverness.

Off we go, and I’m praying for her to wait until home for the nap.

The NAP… The NaP… tHe nAP… the nap… 

I swing into the driveway, and jump out hoping she is awake.

There she is… Awake… And eating the fucking book.


The inner germophobe realizes the germs associated with that…

She has little particles of ink, dyed paper around her entire mouth.  She went ham on this book for sure!!

What was in the dye?  Is it toxic?  UHHHHH my mom would smack me, and say that I ate books too… it’s no big deal… I survived.

I can’t help it that toddlers gross me out.  Why would you eat a book?  Sometimes you reject my delicious food… I don’t get it.  Gross.



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