I always smell poop

If you have a child in diapers, odds are you’re always smelling for poo.

Never in my life did I imagine how focused I would be on the poo poo.

Did she poop? How big? How many times?

It’s tragic.

Now, she’s a little over 1, and I swear I always smell shit.

Does this go away?  Will my nose return to normal?  Will I forget to think about the tiny humans bowel movements?

I freaking hope so!

I know husband finds me insane for how often “I swear I smelt something”.  I’m just praying for the day I can go back to how things were… When I never discussed any sort of disgusting poo.  The days I never thought of singing poopy songs, or celebrating potty time.

It’s unpleasant to be so consumed with bodily functions, but now I must go…

Doody calls

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