I bet he thinks I do this shit on purpose

I’m having a great morning… Driving along in nicely flowing traffic… Singing to the radio…

*I go to set my coffee back in the cup holder, and the fucking thing leaps out of my hand and splashes everywhere*

Now, if you’ve ever spilt anything in the car, you know how the droplets find their way across every inch of your car.  You literally find the spill for weeks to come.

Well, “this can’t happen” is all I can think. Husband spent literally the WHOLE day cleaning the cars.  (Like, he even used a blower to blow out the rugs and crap).

“fuck fuck fuck” is all I can say, while my 1yr old sings “mama mama mama mama mama” in the back.

Do you think I have napkins in the glove box?


I scramble… I pull my back reaching for the baby changer at the red light.  Then I do further damage to myself as I frantically wipe up my mess.

This is the first time I’m thanking god for a baby in diapers!  Aw, baby wipes… Saver of baby butts everywhere and now the saver of mommy’s freaking mess!

I swear that husband must think I fuck shit up on purpose.  I know he thinks I drive through puddles on purpose, and now this.  Shoot me in the face… Happy Monday!

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