Why the fuck do I sleep on the couch?!?

I mean, seriously… It’s not nearly as comfortable as my bed.

Of course I fall asleep on the small couch, so my body is just tangled in the most uncomfortable position possible.  Nothing is supported… and for this woman who always wears a bra.. This bitch needs support!

You know the situation… Maybe you’ve had a couple drinks, a “happy hour” of sorts…  you’re watching tv and you feel very… Very… VeRy…VEEEERRRRYYY Comfortable.

you close your eyes.. only for a second.  “Contacts are just dry” you tell yourself

husband – “are you falling asleep, already? Go to bed!”

Already? No… I mean, I’ve only been a slave to a tiny, demanding human all day.  I’m not tired.  I’ve played kitchen 15times and done the real kitchen duty like 5 times.  I’m definitely pumped full of energy, and trying to keep this party going.

But seriously, my contacts are just dry… I’m going to close my eyes for a second to recharge, and I’ll get up.

I know I’m lying to myself…but I’m sooo comfortab…le…


Next thing I know, it’s 2:39am, and I have a neck, back, leg, arm, face ache.  This is mainly because I’m old…  The 25 year old, childless version of myself would’ve been fine.  She would’ve got up, gone to bed, and slept till 10am.  Not me, I drag myself from the couch, like a limp, wounded animal and slowly make my pitiful way to bed.

fuck me, I did it again.  I thought “just for a second” and now I’ll only get 2-3 more hours of decent sleep… and that’s assuming I fall asleep before the snoring begins.

Fuck, I slept on the couch!!!

goodbye sleep.  I obviously never liked you (tear)

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