Boys will be boys

I would call them men, as “they” consist of my husband, father, and father’s friend… however, I ask you a simple question…

Do men play with flares or must they be boys?

I guess they are boys at heart, because let’s face it.. my father has a maturity age of 7 normally.  My husband is more mature, but easily influenced by the 7 year old.  As for my father’s friend… he was drunk, so I will guess his age at 4.

The expired flares from the boat… what do we do with them?

Well, we light them off and make a smokey, fuckin’ mess.  Fortunately, the ones that shoot didn’t go off (which I’m guessing is why there is an expiration date).  Picture it.. three grown ass men armed with one flare each.  At the dock, signally to the approaching thunderstorms.  Definitely shear genius (sarcastic eye-roll).

Do you know what’s worse than taking care of a hurt child?  If you’re a woman, you probably guessed it… taking care of a hurt man.  Fortunately, everyone left with all their fingers, and a few little burns.

Boys will always be boys...

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